Tango Sumo was created in March 2002 by Olivier Germser.
With stunning set designs added to theatrical, circus and musical influences throughout the choreography, Tango Sumo’s style of dance requires multi-skilled artists.

The particularity of this dance company is that it is currently staffed entirely by men.

Using the raw energy of street theatre and continually wanting to conquer new audiences, the company also proposes indoor performances.


The footsteps of a thousand and one pedestrians draw unknown arabesques.
The urban space is a melting pot, an inexhaustible treasure chest, inspiring our shows. The largest theatre in the world...
Let’s dance!

Exploring these potential performance spaces while drawing inspiration from the heart of the cultures that mingle within them, our particular gesture is invented and written into the pavement like a fleeting graffiti; drawn-up in the heat of the moment, and burnt into the back of the retina.
Funny, tender or ferocious, this dance has finally landed into the street!
A thousand and one pedestrians return home, their footsteps tracing invisible arabesques…yet a few know it.