Five men, five beds and raw scenery made of mattress covers...
All that they have in common is the memory of an enclosed space. Their haggard eyes remember this restricted area. Their memory of that situation is a long insomnia; they are waiting for a new day to break. Their waking dreams evoke a world without doors.

Clutching their beds, which in turn become roving vessels or feather horses, they imagine themselves on long journeys where the world would flash by endlessly.

Would the void be filled with their imagination, or have they really lived it?

And that noise of footsteps in their heads! Listen to the soliloquies of madmen standing up and bawling on their upturned beds!

The bed as a central element.
The dormitory is set up awkwardly at the beginning : a wall of upturned beds, resembling an improvised theatrical curtain.


It is quickly followed by an explosion that will last 45 minutes; the dormitory unleashes itself and tips over into madness. Hand-to-hand, these men dance furiously, inventing and mingling stunts, falls, acrobatics.

Due to its size and weight, the bed proposes numerous possibilities of transformation: in turn it becomes a tower, a wall, a cage, a trench, a sentry-box or even a perch.

The vertical position of the bed creates several acrobatic variations, and also allows the circus performers to express themselves in their own particular language.

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