This performance requires a clearly defined space; an enclosure that defines the relationship between the dancers.


There is no other way out than to confront this simple truth, the other’s presence is too close to escape a face-to-face confrontation.


This is a meeting in which we discover the other and also oneself.

We observe each other, gauge each other, evaluate each other; the moods follow on, one after another, leaving their marks.


The dance is an entanglement - either tender or ferocious - and is mirrored by the other person. In-between understanding and conflict, we push each other away, accept each other and make do or oppose each other.


Without seduction or evasion, without any courtesy, each shouts out their truths, their joys and their angers.

We challenge each other, stare at each other, consider each other. Nevertheless we share, in every instant either as an adversary or as potential partner.

“1st round” is an allegory of the relationship between men: our shared experiences, our warrior instincts, our power plays, our games and our silences.


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